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5 tips on preparing food more effectively

Who doesn’t love food? Especially home-cooked food!

As a home cook, there is a chance that you might spend the whole day in the kitchen getting a single dish ready. Relax, it’s not because you’re not a good chef! However, there are some ninja tips and techniques that you can learn to prepare meals more effectively and in less time than usual.

Below are 5 easy tricks, through which you can smartly save plenty of time and schedule meals like a pro.

1.    Before you start cooking, take a brief look at the recipe. This way, you’ll be working more efficiently with having all the next steps in the back of your mind ready to perform;

2.    Prepare all appliances. Get everything ready before bumping yourself over to the stove. Cut all the vegetables, preheat the oven, boil the water, place all the utensils on the shelves. Pre-arranging everything will help you avoid mess and smooth out the rushing moments while cooking;

3.    Use the right tools for everything. Prioritize cooking things with the tools that are made for the exact job. For instance, use a good set of knives to cut things quickly and more effortlessly, use a nonstick pan for light frying veggies or eggs, use a deep fryer for deep frying potatoes or chicken wings, use a blender for making icing, etc. Replacements can sabotage all your efforts;

4.    If you’re not sure how much seasoning to put in, start small. You can adjust the seasoning later when the dish is in its preparatory or final stage. Believe me it won’t affect the taste;

5.    Clean things along with cooking. For example, if you have chopped the vegetables and used a pan, then throw the peel offs into the basket and wash the pan immediately so that your kitchen won’t turn a mess till the end. Besides, once you have prepared the meal completely, it feels back-breaking to do the whole kitchen cleaning and let the food wait for you. Moreover, it feels nasty to scrub off dried left offs stuck to the pans.



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