Dothan's Only Academy Specializing in Jiu Jitsu

Join the Modern Warrior Family and train like a Warrior. We have a focus on real world application. Our school is the only one in Dothan that specializes in NoGi Jiu Jitsu for Teens and Adults. Beyond the training you’ll see we foster a supportive community of warriors dedicated to bettering themselves. 

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Live Without Fear

Modern Warrior Combatives and Jiu Jitsu is a victory focused training center. Founded around the same principals that guide our Sister Company Modern Warrior Project we place a strong emphasis on incorporating Mindset and Mechanics into our training curriculum. 

Our programs and instruction are designed to give you real world skills regardless of the intent for those skills. Whether you’re taking our courses for Self Defense Purposes, Training to compete, Fitness, or just fun, our standards and delivery are the same for all. Everyone of our Instructor Staff are dedicated to making you the best warrior you can be in a welcoming friendly environment.

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Shane Blevins

Co- Founder Modern Warrior Project
Co-Founder Modern Warrrr Combatives

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Self Defense

All of our training incorporates real world Self-Defense techniques and training.


While we are a Self Defense Focused Training Center we also value Sport and Competition.

Class Program

Get the training under best trainers

Our combined Instructor Staff have well over 50+ years of training experience under their belts. 

Adult NoGi Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a truly unique art in that it allows a much smaller opponent to defeat a larger one by utilizing joint manipulation....

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We have a variety of packages available and generally are able to tailor a package or bundle for your specific training needs. Give us a call or come by today and see what plan works best for you! 

Spartan With Spear

Warriors are made not born

We all certainly are born with a variety of talent, however it is up to you to exploit your full potential. A true warrior is not the one born with inherent skills, but the one dedicated to a life long journey of mastering his craft. 

Meet Our Trainer

Get the training under best trainers

Our trainers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but share one thing in common. A Passion for providing excellent quality instruction to the MWC Family!

Perfect Warrior

Combat Sports is more than just Physical

The Art of Combat is often thought of solely from a physical ability standpoint. While physical training and conditioning are certainly a large part of it, they are only one ingredient to the successful Warrior. Our goal should be to strive to master the four tenets below in our journey.



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What they say about us

Modern Warrior Project and Modern Warrior Combatives are dedicated to our clients. Check out just a few of our testimonials below!

scott white
Scott 'Sleepy' White Client

Family friendly and amazing environment!! Modern Warrior treats you like family and help you push through your limits. It has a great atmosphere and some amazing people that just make you want to come back!

Camree Jackson

Wonderful group of people. Even better programs! Definitely worth checking out and joining!

Alex Riley MMA Fighter/Client

This is an amazing training facility with high level coaches. The biggest reasons for my success in the squared circle.

Matt Jackson

A great group of folks with the absolute best qualifications for their art! Experience and care matters and these guys have it! This place is Dothans hidden gem! Go see them!!

Jason Gilbreaith MWP Client

Jason a former client for an MWP Wilderness Survival Foundations Class says this about us: You can't get better training anywhere these men train the military.

Jason Carter Retired Special Operations

A great resource to help prepare for modern day troubles/threats, from a fellow Nightstalker and Special Operations Veteran! Everything from fitness, supplements, self-defense, gear, and philosophy! Check it out!

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