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Live Without Fear

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The simple fact is that the world can be an ugly place, and often good people end up harmed or worse by bad people. It doesn’t have to be this way. At the heart of the Modern Warrior Project (the sister company from which Modern Warrior Combatives was founded from) is the vision of a society where good citizens can live without fear. This is accomplished by a number of methods and one important one is that of being able to effectively protect you and your loved ones regardless of the circumstances you encounter. That’s where our Self Defense Combatives Class comes in. 

Self Defense is not only our right, it's our duty.

For Ages 14 and Up

Modern Warrior Combatives (MWC) is an extensive fighting system that incorporates a total fight approach to self defense training. 

Self Defense Based

All Modern Warrior Programs are primarily self defense oriented. The MWC system is no different, but it is even more so clearly present in our Self Defense Classes. Our primary goal in training is to overcome altercations and fights. Our over-arching goal with the MW Combatives program is to impart to you the skills necessary to defend yourself should you need to in the most efficient and simplest manner possible. 

  • Not Linear
    Our Self Defense classes are independent and not on a linear training model. Meaning that each class is unique and fully comprehensive. Whether it’s your first class, your 100th class or you missed the last class the experience will be the same. This is because each class tackles a specific topic and covers it. Of course you’ll gain a better holistic grasp of Self Defense the more you attend as would be expected, but this is just an extra benefit of consistent training. 


Class Schedule
Monday No Class
Tuesday 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Wednesday No Class
Thursday 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Friday No Class
Saturday No Class
Sunday Close

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Criminals Don't Wait, So Neither Should You

It’s never to early to start training, but it’s too late once you need it and haven’t

Having full range or better yet full mobility in our joints helps decrease the risk of injury. Improving your mobility teaches your joints how to bear load at vulnerable or extreme positions. Our Combat Sports and Jiu Jitsu programs can help you drastically in this area. The conditioning and training through our classes work your joints through a wide range of motions that many adults lack in our modern desk-bound society. 

Flexibility is an important part of physical fitness and offers numerous positive effect on the body. It improves mobility, posture, muscle coordination, reduces the threat of injuries and muscle pain. It even results in a better general "shape". In fact it actually is a measure of fitness in the sports industry. Combat Sports greatly improves flexibility over time as many of the training aspects essentially equate to dynamic active stretching in a sense. 

Strength training may boost your lifestyle and enhance your capability to do daily activities. Strength training can also secure your joints from injury. Structure muscle also can contribute to better balance and may minimize your risk of falls. One of the often overlooked areas of strength is the importance of stabilizer muscles. Combat Sport training incorporates muscle activation of many of those supportive muscles that you don't often utilize in everyday life. The benefits from this are huge and quickly realized. 


Overall Fitness Benefits

There are awesome fitenss benefits to training Combat Sports and Jiu Jitsu

Three very important factors in fitness and health are Mobility, Flexibility, and Strength. All of which tend to decline as you age (though many young are also lacking in the areas). Combat Sport Training hits on these three areas significantly in unique ways you don’t often find in many other hobbies or activities. 

Self Defense


Weight Loss



Focus Under Pressure

Cardio Conditioning

Stress Relief


Frequently Asked About Training

Below are some of the more common questions we hear about training.

Not at all. If you have already trained in a different martial art that’s great but you do not need any previous martial arts experience. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out on your Combat Sports journey, or a seasoned warrior you'll find your place at MWC.

We Do! Rylee Taylor (female) runs women's only Jiu Jitsu class for those looking for that environment. It serves a number of great areas. It's perfect for those that just feel comfortable in an all women setting in this type of training. It fosters friendships with other local women. And it is tailored for women in the training goals and agenda. Rylee does incorporate some self defense training into her program. 

Beyond that we are working on standing up a Women's Self Defense - Combatives class as well so stay tuned. 

Absolutely not. Criminals don't care what age you are so why should you let that limit your ability to defend yourself? Rather than regretting not learning how to better defend yourself once it's too late start now. 

Every child is different. However we recommend starting them as young as 4 years old. There will be some that is still a bit young, but even at that age they begin to form the fundamental understanding and will adapt quicker as they grow and mature. Our programs are designed to tailor the training respective to the age of the child so as to provide great training benefits, but also ensure the child has fun learning the art. 

In Short We Support it. We know there are gyms out there strongly against cross training in other gyms. For some it's because they fear conflicting training. For many others it's an ego and fear thing. Our position is that the more you know the more you grow. We offer excellent training and a great environment, but that doesn't mean you can't further expand your skills and knowledge other places as well. We'd love to be your primary training facility, but we're happy to have you regardless. 

The beautiful thing about Jiu Jitsu is the fundamental principle that a weaker and smaller person can defeat a stronger and heavier opponent using leverage and technique. Remember Royce Gracie dominating the early UFC competitions? Anybody with an open mind and a willingness to learn can train Jiu Jitsu. 

Injuries and aging aren't fun, but they are part of life. Depending on the type of injury there is a chance you can train around it. Come by and talk to one of our instructors about your situation and we'll share the options available for you. As for once you're an active member, even if you have to sit out a few classes we still strongly encourage coming along to watch and learn from the training event that day as knowledge is still a large part of  combat sports and Jiu Jitsu alike. 

Not here. At MWC we practice 'NoGi' Jiu Jitsu. If you're familiar with Jiu Jitsu you understand that. For those not, let us explain. We have a primary focus on self-defense and as such don't want to limit our training style to that of a traditional martial arts uniform. The training we work can be used regardless of your outfit for the day. 

Really nothing, But some do like to train with a mouthguard. Also you can bring along a water bottle. Some other nice things to have are a rashguard and spats (leggings). We can outfit you with those if you like, but they are not a requirement. 

The primary focus of Modern Warrior Combatives Jiu-Jitsu is Self Defense. We will teach you the fundamentals of self defense, as well as the modern evolution of the combat sport and application. You will practice a range of techniques from a wide variety of different positions. You’ll also learn how to control resisting opponents on the ground, as well as how to apply submissions effectively. While self defense is the primary goal we are a gym that loves competition and the sport and often attend as a team to various competitions. 

We believe that we are part of a like-minded community and welcome relationships with other gyms both local and afar. We see  it as we have alot in common..there is no reason we can't share and grow from each other. 

It's within your reach

The Time is Now, The Opportunity is Here

You don’t want to miss the chance to make a drastic change to your life for the better. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can start today. Taking that first step and jumping in is all you have to do. Before you know it you’ll see the results and life changes that you desire! You’ll develop real self defense skills, and enjoy the benefits of better health and fitness as part of the journey. Not all have the will or courage to step out and go for it. Do you?


Of Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts was believed to date back to the ancient Olympic Games in 648 BCE, when pankration—the martial training of Greek armies—was considered the combat sport of ancient Greece. The brutal contest combined wrestling, boxing, and street fighting. Kicking and hitting a downed opponent were allowed; only biting and eye gouging were forbidden. A match ended when one of the fighters acknowledged defeat or was rendered unconscious. In some cases, competitors died during matches. Pankration became one of the most popular events of the ancient Olympics. 
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