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Our discount club is awesome in that you essentially pay nothing for it, because we provide you with the exact amount of your cost in credit towards our merchandise. That’s right you get credit back to use in return for being a member. And you get HUGE Discounts for being a Discount Club Member.

That's Right, Discounts!

What are they?

40% Off

All Supplements

20% Off

All Clothing

25% Off

Gym Drinks and Snacks

25% Off

Modern Warrior Combatives Events

MWC Discount members Club

Why Join

Non Local Gym Members

Our local gym members automatically benefit from the MWC Discount Club, however other's now can as well by this option open to the general public.


As a member of the club you recieve deep discounts on our high quality supplements, gear and more. As a standard setting organization you can trust you're getting quality with MWC.


become part of the general Modern Warrior Community. So much more than a local gym, we are representative of a collective way of life that values maintaining the warrior spirt!

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