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About Combatives Kickboxing

Skills and Fitness = Fun


Our Kid’s Combatives Kickboxing and Fitness offers classes that are fun and exciting for your children. Our program is designed to train the young warriors in legitimate self defense stand up fight skills while keeping it fun and engaging for the kids all the while promoting a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ through fun activities. 

Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates have tripled in the U.S., and today, the country has some of the highest obesity rates in the world: one out of six children is obese, and one out of three children is overweight or obese.

What Can You Expect?

Ultimately we have two primary agendas with our children’s program (though there are a number of benefits produced from those). Those two agendas are to produce Fit and Healthy (Fitness) young Warriors (Self Defense). We accomplish these by providing a structured family friendly atmosphere of training. We focus heavily on finding the perfect balance of providing excellent training while at the same time making it a fun and exciting class for the children. 

It’s the best of both Worlds. They get fit and gain self defense skills all while having fun with an amazing Modern Warrior Family!

We have student from all walks of life and all levels of skill. From the brand new never trained to Black Belts of various traditional styles, but they all have a common denominator. A drive to better themselves. Regardless of where you fit in the above population you’ll find a home with us at MWC. We are a family friendly welcoming gym focused on victory and a community effort to better ourselves. The benefits of Kickboxing are numerous and go well beyond the fight skills learned.

Come try us out for free and see for yourself. We’re so much more than a Martial Arts School, We’re a Community dedicated to personal and team growth!

Class Schedule
Monday Intermediate
Tuesday 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Wednesday Intermediate
Thursday 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Friday Phase 3 Sparring by schedule
Saturday Occasional Workshops
Sunday Close

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If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.

-Carl Lewis

Confidence is there in everyone, it just needs to be revealed. We will help your little ones discover thiers!

Having full range or better yet full mobility in our joints helps decrease the risk of injury. Improving your mobility teaches your joints how to bear load at vulnerable or extreme positions. Our Combat Sports and Jiu Jitsu programs can help you drastically in this area. The conditioning and training through our classes work your joints through a wide range of motions that many adults lack in our modern desk-bound society. 

Flexibility is an important part of physical fitness and offers numerous positive effect on the body. It improves mobility, posture, muscle coordination, reduces the threat of injuries and muscle pain. It even results in a better general "shape". In fact it actually is a measure of fitness in the sports industry. Combat Sports greatly improves flexibility over time as many of the training aspects essentially equate to dynamic active stretching in a sense. 

Strength training may boost your lifestyle and enhance your capability to do daily activities. Strength training can also secure your joints from injury. Structure muscle also can contribute to better balance and may minimize your risk of falls. One of the often overlooked areas of strength is the importance of stabilizer muscles. Combat Sport training incorporates muscle activation of many of those supportive muscles that you don't often utilize in everyday life. The benefits from this are huge and quickly realized. 


Overall Fitness Benefits

There are awesome fitenss benefits to training Combat Sports and Jiu Jitsu

Three very important factors in fitness and health are Mobility, Flexibility, and Strength. All of which tend to decline as you age (though many young are also lacking in the areas). Combat Sport Training hits on these three areas significantly in unique ways you don’t often find in many other hobbies or activities. 

Self Defense


Overall Fitness

Weight Loss

Focus Under Pressure


Cardio Conditioning



Frequently Asked About Training

Below are some of the more common questions about Jiu Jitsu

Not at all. If you have already trained in a different martial art that’s great but you do not need any previous martial arts experience. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out on your combat sport journey, or a seasoned warrior you'll find your place at MWC.

We do not utilize a belt promotion system, however we do use a promotion system. Our promotions are by Levels. The Program starts for the child at Level 1 and progresses eventually to Level 9. We do utilize the same color system to correlate with out levels for ease of understanding and as a marker for those that wish to enter KB tournaments (eg. Level 1 correlates to White). 

You're certainly not too old to train in MW Combatives Kickboxing, but you may be for the kids Program. Our Kids Program allows for ages 7-13 with a bit of leeway on the upper age. Generally, at around or after the 13 year mark the teen is moved into our Teen/Adult program. 

Every child is different. However we recommend starting them as young as 4 years old for Jiu Jitsu and 7 in our Combatives Kickboxing Program. For our Combatives Kickboxing we find that 7 years old is an ideal age for them to begin to grasp and understand our base level training program. That's not to say a child can't successfully start training younger, but we just don't offer classes for them unfortunately at this time.  

In Short We Support it. We know there are gyms out there strongly against cross training in other gyms. For some it's because they fear conflicting training. For many others it's an ego and fear thing. Our position is that the more you know the more you grow. We offer excellent training and a great environment, but that doesn't mean you can't further expand your skills and knowledge other places as well. We'd love to be your primary training facility, but we're happy to have you regardless. 

Strength and Athleticism will benefit you in most sports, but like most sports it alone will do little for you. You will continually improve your fitness and conditioning by steady attendance in the programs and there is no pre-requisite of athleticism to start. We have all body types and levels of athletes in our gym. 
It is a journey of personal growth that we invite you to take on and are certain you'll be surprised by the results with a little commitment and time. 

Injuries and aging aren't fun, but they are part of life. Depending on the type of injury there is a chance you can train around it. Come by and talk to one of our instructors about your situation and we'll share the options available for you. As for once you're an active member, even if you have to sit out a few classes we still strongly encourage coming along to watch and learn from the training event that day as knowledge is still a large part of  combat sports and Jiu Jitsu alike. 

We don't utilize Gis as often seen in traditional style. You will be required to wear a uniform though. Our uniform consist of a MWC T-Shirt or Rash guard or Sweat Shirt if you prefer, shorts or athletic pants. You will also need to purchase some fight gear, though we offer loaner equipment when you're starting out to allow plenty of time to acquire the little gear you need. 

We offer loaner gear to new students (or those that occasionally forger :)), but we do have a gear list for Kickboxing. You can bring your own or purchase from us at a discount.

-Mouth Guard

-Protective KB Head Gear

-Kickboxing Gloves

-MMA Gloves (optional)

-Shin/Foot Coverings

-Focus Pads

The primary focus of Modern Warrior Kickboxing is Self Defense and Fitness. We will teach your child the fundamentals of self defense, as well as the modern evolution of the combat sport and application. They will learn and apply a wide variety of stand up fighting skills involving various styles of attack and defense. 

We believe that we are part of a like-minded community and welcome relationships with other gyms both local and afar. We see  it as we have alot in common..there is no reason we can't share and grow from each other. 

You'll Regret Not Going For IT

Healthy and Focused

Placing your child in our Combatives Kickboxing Program is a great step to putting them onto a path of better fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile our structure greatly assist in fostering a more focused mindset. Whether your child decides to stay with training as a life long passion or move onto other activities they will certainly benefit greatly from their time with us and shore up critical traits that will serve them well regardless of the path they take. 


Of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a combat sport focused on kicking and punching.

The combat takes place in a boxing ring, normally with boxing gloves, mouth guards, shorts, and bare feet to favor the use of kicks. Kickboxing is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or for competition. Some styles of kickboxing include: Karate, Muay Thai, Japanese kickboxing, Sanda, and Savate.

Although since the dawn of humanity people have faced each other in hand-to-hand combat, the first documentation on the use of kicking and punching in sports combat is from ancient Greece and ancient India. But nevertheless, the term kickboxing originated in Japan, in the 1960s, and developed in the late 1950s from karate mixed with boxing, with Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Savate also having some influence, with competitions held since then. American kickboxing originated in the 1970s and was brought to prominence in September 1974, when the Professional Karate Association (PKA) held the first World Championships. Historically, kickboxing can be considered a hybrid martial art formed from the combination of elements of various traditional styles. This approach became increasingly popular since the 1970s, and since the 1990s, kickboxing has contributed to the emergence of mixed martial arts via further hybridization with ground fighting techniques from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and folk wrestling.

There is no single international governing body, although some international governing bodies include the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (also known as WAKO), World Kickboxing Association, International Sport Karate Association, International Kickboxing Federation, and World Kickboxing Network, among others. Consequently, there is no single kickboxing world championship, and champion titles are issued by individual promotions, such as Glory, K-1 and ONE Championship among others. Bouts organized under different governing bodies apply different rules, such as allowing the use of knees or clinching etc.